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  • dont make fun of people who believe or practice in any spirituality
  • dont make fun of people who believe in ghosts/demons/spirits/etc.
  • dont make fun of people who believe in extraterrestrial beings
  • their beliefs arent harming you in the least why the fuck would you mock someone for what they believe in what kind of fucking scumbag are you


*puts metaphor between cigarette* it’s a teeth


the next time will shows up for his appointment there is only going to be one chair in the office and hannibal will motion him over to sit in his lap

lord i was looking through the tate and violet tag (you know how you love hannibal even if hes a murderer uh huh i feel that way i hate him but idk) and people were putting random words on his gifs…honestly you become so fake when you try that hard

i don’t even go in those tags it’s terrifying why would you ship them…their ship name is violate bc it’s fuckin accurate…tate has no redeeming qualities and the only thing i appreciated that violet did doesn’t happen till the last ep

ya it was a comedy movie and not one with a philosophical meaning or moral behind it either. thats a reason i hate tumblr people do this with everything on here lol

my fave is ppl making b & w gifs of everything tate langdon says and say “wow, deep, inspiration” when he was an irredeemable character who raped his gfs mom and shot up his school


im rolling my eyes so hard like mean girls was funny and enjoyable but it did not have any great social justice points you can use to educate america’s youths


id like to elect myself president of the deb x atti offcial fanclub

i guess that makes me veep

girls referring to each other as sluts and bitches is fundamentally different from guys referring to girls as sluts and bitches, and that stupid argument is like white people claiming they can use the word nigga because black people do

Anonymous sent: deb x atti 4ever

you didnt say why tho


that one line from mean girls no one seems to remember or quote extensively

but it really doesnt make it okay so?

Reblog if you want anons to tell you who they ship you with and why.


every movie or show i have ever seen jessica lange in was one where she was a total evil queen bitch of the world

condesces replied to your post: condesces replied to your post:you sho…

yes. yes exactly if spn had a source material

that would be scarier probably